What is a RenuKrete Concrete Franchise?

Custom concrete floor franchise is ready for the national spotlight

Sometimes all it takes is one idea to launch a game-changing business. In the case of Alex Lorenz, CEO and Founder of RenuKrete custom concrete floor franchise, that idea came when his children were in Kindergarten in New Jersey and started getting invited to pool parties in New Jersey.

Lorenz, a trained engineer with a highly successful career in the corporate world, wondered why the concrete pool decks and patios he was visiting were so poorly designed – or to put it more bluntly – ugly. When he bought his own house in a well-to-do suburb, he decided that his own concrete patio area would be the envy of the neighborhood.

“I wanted to have a patio where family and friends could come together and have fun in a beautiful space,” he says. “I realized that if I could work with my existing concrete slab, and change the way it looks and feels, it would be easy to do and incredibly unique. When I completed the job, my neighbors were amazed – and they wanted their patios and pools done the same way that mine was. That’s how the company was born, and in that way, our concept was proven from the beginning.”

As the customer demand continued to increase, Lorenz quit his job to focus on working on his burgeoning business. His background in engineering, technology and business led him to develop the equipment, machinery and processes that would later become patented – helping to ensure that no other competitor would be able to do what RenuKrete excels at: transforming existing concrete floors into works of art.

“It was important as I was building this business that our offering would be dramatically different than our competitors,” Lorenz says. “The fact that we can change how an existing slab of concrete looks through processes that cannot be replicated by our competitors, has allowed us to keep growing through the years, further developing our product line, expanding our ability for customization and perfecting our methods so that we deliver an experience that our customers love. Our sales have continued to expand year over year, and we’ve proven consistently that, not only is there a market for this business, but this business is profitable and scalable as well.”

Ability to Do Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Makes for a Profitable Business Year-Round

Unlike other concrete franchise companies that only focus on outdoor areas, RenuKrete franchise owners are able to work year-round in a wide variety of spaces and settings, ranging from residential to commercial.

While RenuKrete does focus a significant part of the business on outdoor spaces such as pool decks and patios, the demand for our services is increasing. According to Aqua Magazine in an article entitled, “Does the Future Hold 25 Million New Pools?” There are currently over five million inground pools in the United States, with up to five million expected to be built in the coming years.

Helping homeowners make the most out of their pool decks, patios and walkways is where RenuKrete truly shines. We can take an existing slab of concrete, no matter the state or how badly damaged with cracks, and transform it into an area worthy of family gatherings. We offer several designs, colors, and aesthetics to choose from that give concrete the look and feel of natural stone.

From the customer’s perspective, there is simply no comparison between the RenuKrete offering and traditional stamped overlays and epoxy refinishing. Not only does our product look much better, but it’s also more affordable, more durable and the process to get it done is much faster.

“We want the wow factor from our customers, and we get it every time,” Lorenz says. “There’s simply no comparison between RenuKrete and what traditional concrete businesses can offer a customer. Traditional stamped overlays and epoxy refinishing are expensive, and in a few years, they can look terrible from wear and can’t be repaired. Our products are meant to last a long time, and any possible future slab issues can be addressed by us very affordably. RenuKrete is a wise investment and we can make sure our customers are happy with their installations for years and years.”

In addition to our outdoor work, RenuKrete has expanded our offering to include indoor spaces in both residential and commercial settings. RenuKrete pioneered Engineered Concrete Flooring and can give homeowners design choices that were never possible before: The look and feel of Reclaimed Barn-style Planks, Slate Flagstone, or Hardwood Planks.

Common in finished basements, multipurpose rooms, man caves and garages, our engineered concrete flooring options are waterproof, durable, comfortable and beautiful.

In commercial settings, RenuKrete also shines. Our work has helped beautify office buildings, multi-family properties, medical buildings, retail space, churches and more, with floors that are waterproof, durable, easy to clean and future-proof. Our wide variety of styles and designs make us capable of helping our customers get exactly the look and feel they want at a price-point that makes sense.

“By having the ability to do indoor and outdoor areas, we’ve vastly increased the profit potential of this business,” Lorenz says. “From a franchise perspective, this gives our owners the ability to earn revenue all year long and help a wide range of customers beautify their spaces with floors that look and feel great, and will continue to look and feel great for a long time.”

You Don’t Need Experience to Franchise with RenuKrete

You don’t need to know how to pour concrete and create beautiful designs to franchise with RenuKrete. In fact, our business model was designed to be effectively turnkey, simple to understand, simple to operate and quick to scale.

RenuKrete has designed a CEO-style business model that positions our franchise owners at the head of their companies. They don’t perform the work, instead, they hire and train technicians to do it. What our franchise owners do is network in their communities, build relationships with their customers and drive sales.

Because of this, we’ve developed one of the most robust training and ongoing support platforms in the entire industry.

Here is how we will help you:

  • Sales training – we will coach you on all aspects of the sales process so that you can connect with your customers and drive sales.
  • Call center – You never have to pick up a phone and you don’t have to hire an office manager either. Our team of trained professionals vets all of your calls, and schedules your appointments through our CRM system.
  • CRM System – This is your personal assistant. It gives you GPS directions to the job sites, publishes quotes, helps you manage your crew, and more.
  • Marketing – We help you with your ongoing marketing efforts across digital platforms to help you effectively communicate with your community.

“We want our franchise owners to focus solely on growing their businesses,” Lorenz says. “We take care of everything else. We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and we’ve done everything we can to make this business easy to run, easy to scale and drive profitability. If you’re a social-oriented entrepreneur with a passion for people, RenuKrete is the right choice for you.”

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