Who Are Our Customers?

RenuKrete franchise provides custom concrete flooring solutions for homeowners and business owners alike

Wherever a concrete slab exists, there is an opportunity for RenuKrete concrete flooring franchise to beautify it. Whenever a home or business owner is considering replacing their concrete floor with tile, hardwood floors, laminate flooring or other options, RenuKrete offers a more affordable, more durable, and yes, a more beautiful solution. Since our founding, RenuKrete has helped hundreds of customers get the flooring solution they deserve.

“Our customers are incredibly diverse,” says Alex Lorenz, CEO and founder of RenuKrete. “When we started, we were focused solely on outdoor pool decks and patios, and now with our Engineered Concrete Flooring system, we are able to help customers beautify their concrete floors inside and out. This makes our business model relevant all year long, and vastly increases the profit-potential of owning a RenuKrete franchise. You will never run out of customers to help.”

Customers Love How We Transform Their Pool Areas

According to Aqua Magazine, more than five million houses have inground pools. Helping homeowners get a beautiful, unique design for their concrete pool decks and patios is exactly the reason why RenuKrete was founded.

We can take a cracked slab of gray concrete and turn it into a resort-style show stopper, with patterns of beautiful natural stone colors that resemble mosaics and luxury design. Because our process is fast, with jobs taking no more than five days on average, and we produce less noise, less mess and have less environmental impact than traditional methods, our customers enjoy the experience of watching their pool decks and patios come to life.

Our process is also more affordable than traditional methods without cutting into the margins of our franchise owners. Our business is the best of both worlds: a chic solution that customers love to show off during get togethers and pool parties, and profitable for our franchise owners.

“What we were hoping to achieve was a look that brought us back to our favorite place in the world: Tuscany,” says Loren, a customer of RenuKrete. “That’s exactly what RenuKrete was able to create for us.”

RenuKrete Helps Transform Indoor Areas as Well

When a business owner needs to transform their restaurant floor, hotel lobby, office area, or a medical facility needs a floor that’s easy to clean, safe to walk on and lasts a long time, RenuKrete is able to deliver.

Our franchise owners are able to transform indoor concrete floors into Reclaimed Barn-style Planks, Slate Flagstone, or Hardwood Planks. Yes, when we say we transform spaces, we absolutely mean it – and we do it without replacing their concrete slab.

Not only does this give our customers the look and feel they want, it also prevents them from making the wrong decision in purchasing more traditional methods such as epoxy coatings, or overlays, which do not hold up well to time. RenuKrete is a product designed to look great as well as last – and for our customers, that makes all the difference.

“The applications for our flooring solutions are endless,” Lorenz says. “We recently helped a church transform their floor into one that looks like beautiful tile – only it’s concrete. When a church puts tile down, they damage it when they drill in the pews, but with our floors, no damage occurs. It’s just one example of the quality and durability that we’re able to deliver to our clients.”

RenuKrete Floors can be Disinfected Easily

The legacy of the recent pandemic will be an increased focus on cleanliness across the board. In commercial spaces that are used by a lot of people, such as churches, restaurants, offices, hotels, research labs, classrooms, and more, the ability to have a floor that can be easily cleaned will be a strong selling point going forward.

In fact, RenuKrete is already finding that this is the case. The amount of inquiries from clients about whether or not our products are easily cleaned is rapidly increasing. The good news is that they are! RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Floors can be disinfected with commonly available alcohol-based disinfectants, making RenuKrete a preferred choice in many commercial floor renovation projects. This is a crucial advantage for our franchise owners, as this will be a tremendous selling point long after the memory of the pandemic fades.

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